published November 2009

Gallery: Opeth @ The Palace (Melbourne), 25 Nov 2009

Just when you would get sucked in to the melodic and often times beautiful tranquil moments, the band kicked it up 10 gears and slashed your throat with a knife. Blistering.

GWAR - America Must Be Destroyed Reissue (Metal Blade/Riot)

Dead babies, masturbation, wheelchair sex, faeces and racism; who else could it possibly be?

Fact: everyone knows GWAR. These scumdogs of the universe have been polluting our lowly planet for a frankly astonishing 25 years this year.

Seance - Awakening Of The Gods (Pulverised)

Awakening Of The Gods is the third full length release from on/off death metallers Seance. But after a fifteen year gap between albums, have they still got it? Well, yes, it would seem they have.

This Swedish death metal outfit has seen a few lineup changes, name changes and a ten-year hiatus.

Frank Bello of Anthrax and the Melting Pot of Metal

An album that's been six arduous years in the making, a band with a revolving door of vocalists - there hasn't been much light for Anthrax recently. But now revitalised, bassist Frank Bello is feeling only one thing; excitement.

If there's one thing that veteran Anthrax bassist Frank Bello is feeling, its excitement. Pure, unadulterated excitement. Why wouldn't you?

Opeth @ The Enmore Theatre (Sydney) - 23 Nov 2009

Two visits in the same tour? Not many bands can do that, Opeth can and did just that. They put on an excellent performance combining their brand of metal intertwined with some dry humour, which no doubt pleased the rabid crowd.

When it comes to Opeth touring the world, Australia has been a consistant stop, and the band has recieved a very healthy crowd response and attendance on all appearances.

Obituary @ The Governor Hindmarsh (Adelaide), 21 Nov 2009

Some would say that this show kicks the shit out of all the previous shows this year; but I'm not going to go there any more or make comparisons because it's too hard after the year of awesome tours we've had. Suffice it to say that it was killer.

One thing about going to shows in late spring, on a Saturday, is that, if you are hanging out at a mate's place before the show, time tends to disappear as you relax and get into beer and conversat

Obituary @ The Corner Hotel (Melbourne) Nov 19, 2009

Despite trying to play in near darkness, the veteran death metal outfit slayed admirably in the midst of a November scorcher.

As we all steamed through unseasonable swelter for the middle of November, the Corner Hotel on the outskirts of Melbourne seemed a bit lonely; there were only a few punters brave enough to wait in

Gallery: Obituary @ The Corner Hotel (Melbourne), 19 Nov 2009

After Obituary finished their set it was a miracle that the Corner Hotel was still left standing!

Nexus - The Paradise Complex (Prime Cuts)

The Paradise Complex bills itself as a concept album, and Nexus have put together a cohesive storyline that plays through the record from start to finish. Unfortunately, their actual sound is less cohesive.

The promo leaflet that accompanies this album says things like "extreme metal brutalities" and "progressive shimmerings".

Sabaton - Art of War (Soundpollution/Riot)

The Art of War never sounded so good!
Release Date: 
30 May 2008 - 2:30pm

When I very first saw this album I thought to myself, Sabaton ... what kind of name is that?