Published September 2009

Graves of Valor - Salarian Gate (Relapse/Riot)

Graves of Valor's 2009 long play debut is enjoyable and properly executed death metal, but not much more. This is one of those records that is just shy of being remarkable and probably won't get the attention it deserved... in 1995.


Hackneyed's vocalist Phil talks Burn After Reaping

Young German death metal act Hackneyed sprang up out of nowhere a couple of years ago, with their début album Death Prevails. A little while ago, on the eve of the release of Burn After Reaping, I had the chance to talk to Hackneyed vocalist Phil about the album, their dream festivals, and the loss of their original guitarist, Ix.

Given that this was the band's second time in the studio, each band member knew exactly what he had to do.

Kreator @ The Metro (Sydney), 24 Sept 2009

Mid-week gigs are normally a hard one to predict in terms of crowd attendance. But, being a Thursday night in late September, the punters were lined up en-masse at Sydney's Metro Theatre for their dose of legendary German thrash metallers Kreator, backed by Australian thrash icons Mortal Sin.

View the gallery of photos from this event.

Blood Tsunami- Grand Feast For Vultures (Candlelight/Earsplit)

Does anyone know how to say 'Slayer' in Norwegian? Blood Tsunami show no mercy to powerslaves at the altar of sacrifice, but is this the thing that should not be?

Suffocation - Blood Oath (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Death metal has undergone a mini-renaissance in 2009 and Suffocation's Blood Oath continues this welcome re-emergence.
Release Date: 
2 Jul 2009 - 11:30pm

American death metal has always prided itself on sounding as menacing and gruesome as possible; Cannibal Corpse, Deicide and Malevolent Creation come to mind as ba

Jaded Heart - Perfect Insanity (Frontiers/Riot)

The tenth album from these rockers, is showing signs that things are starting to become a tad too well-formed.
Release Date: 
16 Oct 2009 - 9:30am

Perfect Insanity is the tenth album by rockers Jaded Heart. This is a band that is new to me though; I've managed to miss their previous nine albums somewhere along t

Ravage – The End Of Tomorrow (Metal Blade/Riot)

If I didn’t already know about Rob Halford’s sexual persuasion I’d swear that he’d been throwing his seed around Boston, Massachusetts a couple of decades back, because if this isn’t his love child on vocals it damn well should be!!

Ravage stalwarts and brothers Al Ravage on vocals and Eli Joe on guitar have been hammering away with various li

Lesser known band spotlight: BerserkerfoX

BerserkerfoX were the second winners of our lesser-known bands spotlight. A young band – their first show was just two years ago – they're focused, determined to get their product right, and to generate the right amount of hype to carry them into the future.