Sacred Mother Tongue

Voodoo Six, Sacred Mother Tongue - The Underworld, London 28/10/2013

The Underworld played host for a night of metal, regardless of what the British weather had to say.

Thanks to the "Storm" of 2013, travelling to this gig proved a real pain, so much so that unfortunately, we missed the majority of Sacred Mother Tongue's set, however, even in

"Sebastian Bach beats any rock singer... EVER!' Sacred Mother Tongue's Darrin South tells us about some of his fave discs...

The singer of Northampton's finest heavy metal exports gives us a look at what brings a smile to his dial musically...

We’re coming to your house tonight. What new music are you most excited to introduce us to? What are you making everyone listen to at the moment?

Sacred Mother Tongue: New Deal Signed, New Video Released.

'Some of the most awe inspiring and surprising metal you'll hear in 2012!'

EMI Label Services are proud to announce a deal with British metal act Sacred Mother Tongue to release their forthcoming second album.