Scott Ian

Scott Ian on the New Album; Touring and Jazz Extravaganzas...

"Music should be an experience. You need to hear it. You need to feel it. You need to immerse yourself in it."

Anthrax have long been a part of the soundtrack to my existence so it’s a great pleasure to speak to guitarist Scott Ian on behalf of Metal As Fuck

Metalheads Attend the 43rd World Series of Poker

What's that card you're holding? Surely it's the Ace of Spades?

The 2012 World Series of Poker is past the halfway point and the WSOP Main Event is quickly approaching.  Every year, thousands of players come out to the WSO

"The Internet has taken the mystique away for fans!" - Anthrax's Scott Ian talks to Metal as Fuck

The legendary metal personage gets to grips with English slang and also tells us about the band's excellent new album, Worship Music.

“How’s the sprog?”

The question is followed by an awkward, though mercifully short silence. “The what?”.

Birth A.D. - Stillbirth of a Nation (Own Label)

Come with us now on a journey into time and space, well... 1985 actually.

Before nu-metal, before metalcore, when metal kids got their guilty pleasures listening to other types of music it was crossover they turned to.