Nothing – Guilty of Everything (Relapse Records)

Relapse releases a shoegaze album
Release Date: 
28 Feb 2014 (All day)

Well, this is … odd. Shoegaze — yes, it’s a genre. No, seriously. Remember back in the ‘80s when My Bloody Valentine and Ride were big?

Alcest- Shelter (Prophecy Productions)

Gorgeous, inspiring, beautiful... but not metal.
Release Date: 
20 Jan 2014 - 11:30pm

And so French post-black metallers Alcest arrive, somewhat inevitably you feel, at that moment of maximum gumby fan distress – the album by a metal band that is not, in any way, sh

Alcest: New Album Details Unveiled!

Shelter will be available from late January...

Shelter is the fourth album by contemporary shoegazers Alcest, the destination of a long creative musical journey into vast new territories .

Alcest: More US Dates Announced!

The French shoegazers go from strength to strength!

Alcest have recently announced their second set of North American Tour Dates.

Les DIscrets - Ariettes Oubliées (Prophecy Productions)

Les Discrets shine with their own take on the growing shoegaze trend.
Release Date: 
9 Feb 2012 - 11:30pm

If there are two things that we know about the French metal scene, it is that, like Norway, it is very musically incestous, and they all seem to have a deep fondness for shoegaze. 

Ghost Brigade - Until Fear No Longer Defines Us (Season of Mist)

Metal as Fuck says 'cut down on the metal!'? Surely not!
Release Date: 
18 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

There are times on Until Fear No Longer Defines Us when Finnish misanthropes Ghost Brigade seem to be genuinely revved up and in danger of losing their collective (and no