Soilwork's Bjorn 'Speed' Strid: The Need For Mystery

You've eaten your porridge, now wash your bowl...

How is Soilwork’s vocalist Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid travelling? He’s “doin’ awesome” – and was, at the time of this interview, in Sweden.

Soilwork: Special Show Announced in Helsinki.

New DVD to be filmed on the night!

Swedish visionary metallers Soilwork have announced a special show to take place at Circus in Helsinki, Finnland on Friday, March 21.

'My Christmas Message? - Celebrate with a BLAST!' - The year in review with Soilwork's Dirk Verbeuren

He may know a flam from a paradiddle, but Soilwork's Dirk knows a thing or two about other stuff too..

So, Dirk, its been a great year for extreme music - Best album you bought this year?