Getting Sophisticated with Tesseract's Amos Williams

Audio surrealism and classical music...we're very cultured here at Metal As Fuck

Tesseract are on fire, obviously not literally but figuratively - they’ve just played a massive gig at the UK’s Sonisphere festival and are preparing for their Australi

Demonic Resurrection: By Demons Driven

India's emerging extreme metal scene owes a debt of gratitude to Demonic Resurrection, a band that braved an attempted stoning and defied deeply etched cultural expectations to bring heavy music to the subcontinent.

Metal is a global movement, disseminated to every far flung corner of the earth via the tools of the Disinformation Age by now, but that still doesn’t lessen the sense of excitement and

Alestorm's Chris Bowes talks pirates, chips and having sex with Kangaroos

What is the deal with pirate metal? Alestorm Keytarist Chris Bowes tries to explain...

Too many bands take themselves far too seriously; fortunately Alestorm don’t fall into this category, and the increasing popularity of ‘pirate metal’ seems to ind

Festival review: Sonisphere Sweden (Stockholm), 7 August 2010

Not even torrential rainfall could keep 47,000 Swedes (and at least one Aussie) from witnessing that which is SONISPHERE, arguably Europe's biggest and best touring metal festival.

I had been counting down the days to this event since I bought the tickets in March.