Soundwave: Two In, One Out

Dragonforce pull out, but it's not all doom n'gloom, Soundwave fans...

Soundwave Festival today announced that epic metal outfit DragonForce has been forced to cancel its scheduled appearance due to the delay in completing their new a

Hellyeah: The New Beast

"We love Australians; you love to drink, you love to barbeque and you love your heavy music."

Slipknot: Sidewaves Announced

Tickets go on sale December 9!

At the turn of the millennium, Slipknot erupted onto world stages proceeding to reset the course of metal.On the 10 year Anniversary of their breakthrough album Iowa, the

Soundwave 2011 - Second and final artist announcement

As if the first one wasn't awesome enough, the second and final artist announcement for Soundwave 2011 ensures that this'll be one hell of a festival.

Soundwave Touring presents you with the second and final artist announcement!

Meshuggah, It Dies Today & Whitechapel - Soundwave sideshows

The crushing triple bill of Meshuggah, It Dies Today and Whitechapel will be performing 2 club shows only!


Frank Bello of Anthrax and the Melting Pot of Metal

An album that's been six arduous years in the making, a band with a revolving door of vocalists - there hasn't been much light for Anthrax recently. But now revitalised, bassist Frank Bello is feeling only one thing; excitement.

If there's one thing that veteran Anthrax bassist Frank Bello is feeling, its excitement. Pure, unadulterated excitement. Why wouldn't you?