Svart Records

Tombstoned - Tombstoned (Svart Records)

Do you like your stoner rock half-baked?
Release Date: 
14 Nov 2013 (All day)

What is this, some sorta joke? I suppose I did pick this one out just because, given the name of the band, the review practically writes itself.

Sink - The Holy Testament 2 (Svart Records)

Ritual dark ambient doom and black metal. It sounds like a treat, but it is for the initiated ONLY!
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2013 - 12:30pm

 The new offering from Sink from Finland (the land of weirdness), The Holy Testament 2, comes with 2 options: Either just the album the Holy Testament 2

Viisikko - IIII (Svart Records)

A blitzkrieg attack of Stoner Hardcore from Finland.
Release Date: 
18 Jan 2013 - 12:30pm

This band is really weird. This is only their second album and they seem to have achieved a cult following (at least inside there own country).

Terveyskeskus – Omat Koirat Puree (Svart Records)

The pure Finn punk/hardcore sound is back from the vaults. Die-hards, prepare your wallets.
Release Date: 
24 Jan 2013 - 11:30pm

If I had some doubt, I don’t have it anymore: Svart s definitely a patriotic label, helping bands of all styles all across Finland, and now it’s the time to resurrect t

Opium Warlords - We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky (Svart Records)

Strangeness Über Alles.
Release Date: 
30 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Okay so we are in front of another self titled avantgarde, psychedelic, surrealistic, experimental, minimalistic, drone, sludge, noise, progressive rock, modernistic statement of an artist -

ShEver – Rituals (Svart Records)

Euphoric doom? Yes it exists!

This is the second album from this all female doom band from Switzerland and now it’s gaining the vinyl treatment from Svart.

Kuolemanlaakso - Uljas Uusi Maailma (Svart Records)

A debut to remember.

Named after what they say is the “hottest place on Earth” – The Death Valley in a rough translation to English, Kuolemanlaakso was primarily formed in 2010 by

Arktau Eos – Unworeldes + Ioh-Maera (Svart Records)

The religion without name for those who seek epiphany in the form of Ambient music.
Release Date: 
15 Nov 2012 - 12:30pm

Arktau Eos is a Finnish atmospheric/ritualistic entity formed by three spirits: AIH, AIL and Iwowi which have been releasing albums since 2006 and

Seremonia – Seremonia (Svart Records)

Antikristus, kuusi, kuusi, kuusi.
Release Date: 
14 Sep 2012 - 12:30pm

Pure acid rock, proto-heavy metal, hard-rock, psychedelic, you name it, it seems that Finland has bred the most acid band since the sixties turned into the seventies.