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INVSN: The Return of Dennis Lyxzen!

Coming soon!

Razor & Tie is thrilled to announce the addition of the new Swedish alt-rock band INVSN (pronounced in-vey-zhuh-n) to its worldwide label roster (excluding Sca

Slussenanalys - Aquila Helvetos Asfaltos (Ektro)

The new rock thrives on mean streets.
Release Date: 
31 May 2013 - 12:30pm

Have you ever seen Hobo With a Shotgun with Rutger Hauer in which a hobo just wants to make a living in a mean city dominated by thieves and then when he was abused he dec

Fatal Smile - World Domination (Special Edition) (Soundpollution)

If you like your rock and roll soaked in bourbon, if you’re not afraid to admit that there ain’t nothing wrong with a chorus you can sing along to with gusto, if you’ve ever wondered what would have happened had Rob Halford and Nikki Six got together in a recording studio with a mirror full of cocaine, a case full of good scotch, an unlimited supply of hookers (of either/or) and all the time they wanted, then you need to hear this album.

A reissue of Swedish sleaze rockers Fatal Smile’s 2008 album World Domination with two bonus tracks: this is an album that any self-respecting, make-up wearing, stra

Despite - In Your Despite (Sound Pollution/Riot)

Holy brain suckers Batman I feel like I’ve lost half an hour of my life! What happened to me caped crusader, some fiendish plot by the Joker perhaps?.... Batman and Robin discuss the latest album from Despite.

That was no fiendish plot, Boy Wonder, that was Swedish metal band Despite.  You’ve been listening to their debut album In Your Despite.