Tesseract's Amos Williams: "This is Tesseract - like it or leave it!"

"Every good meal shouldn’t be digested immediately; it should hopefully have you coming back for more"

Tesseract’s new album Polaris is released next month and the band will be here in October for a spot of touring.

Tesseract - Altered States (Century Media)

Ditch the peanut goggles...
Release Date: 
26 May 2013 - 11:30pm

I've listened to Altered States in my own personal altered states, I've listened to it sober.

Getting Sophisticated with Tesseract's Amos Williams

Audio surrealism and classical music...we're very cultured here at Metal As Fuck

Tesseract are on fire, obviously not literally but figuratively - they’ve just played a massive gig at the UK’s Sonisphere festival and are preparing for their Australi