Mortillery - Origin of Extinction (Napalm Records)

Mortillery are a Canadian thrash band with distinct punk overtones and Origin of Extinction is their second full length album. And it’s a cracker!
Release Date: 
21 Feb 2013 - 11:30pm

The opening track on Origin of Extinction is called Battle March. It’s an instrumental number using a riff-heavy hook to let listeners know what this record is all about.

Anthrax, Fozzy, This Is Hell, The Hi-Fi Bar, Melbourne - 28/02/13

Melbourne worshipped music beneath the pulpit of Anthrax ahead of the Soundwave Festival, Fozzy providing their own brand of explosive devotion.

Melbourne's Hi-Fi Bar takes decorating advice from none other than Mick Jagger. It's painted black. All over. Even the green room is painted black.

Periphery w/ Crossfaith at The Esplanade Hotel Gershwin Room, Melbourne - 25/02/13

On the first day of Soundwave Mr. AJ gave to me, djents at a thousand dB...

Melbourne trudged along to Monday, feet grudgingly shuffling toward metal’s coveted prize, the Soundwave Festival four more working days hence.

Deceptor -Chains of Delusion (Shadow Kingdom Records )

The fierceness of this album is contagious; Deceptor have come to inject their audience with lethal amounts of thunderous,violent insanity!
Release Date: 
21 Jan 2013 (All day)

Deceptor -These pain inflicting beasts capture the essence of metal.

The Very End -Turn off the World (Steamhammer Records/SPV )

Embracing veteran wisdom this band has undeniably rebelled from the cookie cutter influences and has delivered us a new dose of originality.
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

Hailing from Essen, Germany, The Very End's metal Mammoths formed in 2004, releasing 2 demos (one in 2005 and another in 2007).

The Casualties: New Deal Inked With Season of Mist

Street punk mayhem comes to the dark metal label...

The Casualties (Jorge Herrera - lead vocals, Rick Lopez - bass/vocals, Jake Kolatis - guitar/vocals, Meggers - d

Stonehaven - Concerning Old-Strife And Man-Banes (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)

Unknown Medieval USBM band unites Northern Europe BM schools. A task for Midwestern Americans.
Release Date: 
20 Apr 2012 - 12:30pm

Hailing for the one of the most unlikely places in the US for a “Medieval” black metal Band – KANSAS – Stonehaven is first and foremost a top-notch BM band

Bobby Hambel from Biohazard is in Tour Mode!

"This is what we do. This is all we want to do. We're made to do it."

Bobby Hambel is very New York. Very Brooklyn. And Biohazard is a very New York band. After twenty something odd years they are still killing it on stage.