Witchgrinder's Travis Everett: 'Thrash is an amazing style that will never die"

You probably know Travis best in his role as vocalist/guitarist in Melbourne's Witchgrinder. But today he becomes Travis Everett - thrash pundit...

Greeting Travis, and welcome to Metal as Fuck! Thanks for getting involved in this month's look back at thirty years of thrash metal.

Ghost, HiFi Bar, Melbourne, 22/01/14

GHOST! tearing up the HiFi In melbourne with the band's first ever Headlining gig in Australia

Witchgrinder - The Demon Calling (RTD Records)

Excitement machines from Melbourne hit the bullseye...

Belying a name that conjures up images of pentagrams, goat bothering and sundry other ne’erdowell practices, Melbourne’s Witchgrinder actually come screaming at you out of the spea