20 Buck Spin/Earsplit

Cauldron Black Ram- Stalagmire (20 Buck Spin)

Cavernous Aussie pirate-themed metal that sounds more like Autopsy than Alestorm
Release Date: 
1 Apr 2014 (All day)

Avast landlubbers. Shiver me timbers, hoist the main-sail and other obligatory pirate slogans.

Vastum - Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin)

A return to old style death metal...
Release Date: 
24 Apr 2011 - 11:30pm

With the trend of ‘deathcore/metalcore’ finally dying a slow death – and hopefully for good I

Necrophobic video unleashed: and the band set for Maryland Deathfest 2010

Necrophobic has released a new video and is set to play the infamous Maryland Deathfest 2010. Watch the video here!

Stockholm's blackened death metal warriors Necrophobic have just launched a brand new video for the song Revelation 666, taken from their latest masterpiece Death To A

Laudanum - The Coronation (20 Buck Spin/Earsplit)

Like a dose of opiates, Laudanum deliver an experience transfixing, of numbing slowness and intensely dark atmosphere, on their second full length album, The Coronation.

I must admit I have not heard Laudanum's first full length album – The Apotheker, released by Unknown Controller Records