Abyss Records

“Let’s blast the fuck out of everything and play as fast and brutal as possible!” Andreas "Björte" Björnson explains the Fetus Stench mantra.

They won’t do much for your olfactory senses but Sweden’s mighty Fetus Stench aural blast will have your hearing curling into position.

"Playing music for fun instead of for cash is way better.” When the members of his previous bands had their sights set on being the next Metallica and generally taking the wo

Radiation Sickness – Reflections Of A Psychotic Past (Abyss Records)

Deathcore originals return...for the first time.

Formed back in 1987 by lead vocalist Doug Palmer, Radiation Sickness released a number of demos, EPs and split vinyl with uncompromising deathcore spirit during a

Fetus Stench – Stillbirth (Abyss Records)

Swedish death metal band kicks up a stink.

Formed in 2011 by a quartet of Swedish metal diehards, Fetus Stench was snapped up quickly after putting together a four-song demo of crushing death metal.

Radiation Sickness: First Release In 20 Years Sees Light of Day!

Crust-thrash veterans back in the saddle...

Indianapolis' Crusty Crossover Thrashers of the Extreme Radiation Sickness  released their first studio album in 20 years on Abyss Records on Friday, June 22n

Fetus Stench: Album Out Now!

Fuelled by hatred for the current state of brutal music...

Swedish death metal act Fetus Stench have released their debut full-length, Stillbirth, via Abyss Records.

Bane set to release first full-length record

After line-up changes and technical issues hindering their progression, Bane are set to finally release their debut full-length record