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The Goblin is mobile, watch out Devilstone Fest!

Do you lot want to hear about this Goblin, or not? Ben Ward talks Orange Goblin's touring, Devilstone Festival and beginnings.

With just days until stoner rock outfit Orange Goblin pop their Lithuanian cherries at Devilstone Festival, vocalist Ben Ward&nbsp

Havok: Unnatural Selection is Ready to Go

The rapidly-maturing Denver thrash kings are back!

Candlelight Records has confirmed June 25 as the North American release date for Unnatural Selection, the new studio recording from Denver thrashers Havok

Cnoc An Tursa – The Giants Of Auld (Candlelight Records)

It’s a death metal album, for folks’ sake.

Often when a band proclaims to be ‘folk metal’ it usually means they have a fiddler in the ranks.

Corrosion Of Conformity: Hardcore Crossovers

'I bypassed college for hardcore.'

Formed in 1982, Raleigh, North Carolina band Corrosion Of Conformity went from from humble hardcore punk band to one of the most respected cr

Winterfylleth - The Threnody Of Triumph (Candlelight Records)

Delving into England's history through blackened folk metal

Winterfylleth are quite big in their English homeland at the moment, having made great leaps and bounds in their short career, and almost peaking with second album The Mercian