Comatose Music

Exhumer – Degraded by Sepsis (Comatose Music)

monotonously brutal
Release Date: 
15 Oct 2013 (All day)

Brutal brutal brutal … rabid technical brutality … brutally inhuman speed … brutal aggression … blah brutally blah brutally-diddly-di-blah.

Dehumanized - An inside look into what fuels the fire...

Dehumanized's George Torres talks albums , Influences and overwhelming reactions from fans.
All I had to see was the word 'Dehumanized' in my inbox and I knew this is the one. The band is back and better then ever with a new album...

Execration – The Acceptance of Zero Tolerance (Comatose Music)

Brutal attack from Colorado Springs.


There are at least three “Execrations” from USA, this one is from Colorado Springs/ CO, and they practice the vilest form of death metal

Dehumanized - Controlled Elite (Comatose Music)

Dehumanized is back and stronger than ever. Rejuvenating the old school fans and spawning a new generation of death metal monsters.
Release Date: 
27 Nov 2012 (All day)

New York death metal veterans Dehumanized history dates back to the mid 90's during the rise of other New York powerhouse bands like Suffocation, Internal

Kraanium - Post Mortal Coital Fixation (Comatose Music)

Norwegian death metal band kick it old school
Release Date: 
21 May 2012 - 11:30pm

There's no need for explanation.  Kraanium are just like that box of cereal - they tell you exactly what your gonna get, upfront.

Antropofagus – Architecture Of Lust (Comatose Music)

Brutal Italian death metal. Bellissimo!
Release Date: 
16 Apr 2012 - 11:30pm

Despite forming way back in 1997 this is only the second album by Italian death metal dudes Antropofagus.