Oceano to feature on this year's Thrash and Burn tour

Barely a month removed from the release of their debut album, Depths, Chicago deathcore heavyweights Oceano will be participating in this year's installment of the Thrash and Burn tour. The lineup includes Devil Driver, Emmure, Despised Icon, My Children My Bride, Veil Of Maya, For The Fallen Dreams, Periphery and many more.


Bonded By Blood & Cauldron UK Tour

Young LA thrash sensations Bonded By Blood have been touring relentlessly for the past few months, and are in no ways ready to slow down just yet. The band are preparing to return to the UK in May for a short string of dates with support from labelmates and Canadian heavy metal heroes Cauldron.
Tour Dates: 
08/05/2009 - 12/05/2009

Event Details

08 May 2009 - Glasgow, UK - The Classic Grand

Blood Red Throne - Souls of Damnation (Earache/Riot)

This is a solid death metal release. While Blood Red Throne's last album was very much darker, more evil, speedier and less standardised, there is still a lot of good stuff going on in Souls of Damnation.


Various Artists - Heavy Metal Killers (Earache/Riot)

This release is unrelentingly old-school, and is pure gold from start to finish.


Ignominious Incarceration - Of Winter Born (Earache/Riot)

Of Winter Born is a great mid-range album. It's not something you'd sell your mum for, but it's pretty damn good.

Some people don't like my work because I am occasionally a fence-sitter, and I am also, occasionally, really gung-ho about works that tend to strike other metalheads as being rather prole.

Ephel Duath - Through my dog's eyes (Earache/Riot)

Many metal fans are likely to baulk at this release... I'm a pretty tolerant journo and even I didn't get through the whole thing.

This release is one that I think a lot of people - especially diehard metal fans - wouldn't really consider to be metal.