Grimoire - L'aorasie des spectres reveurs (Eisenwald)

A satanic bat god dressed in fine silks...
Release Date: 
27 Jan 2015 - 12:30am

Grimoire is the solo project of Fiel (Fortress/Csejthe) and this EP L'aorasie, comes four years after the debut A la

Autumn's Dawn - Gone (Eisenwald)

Gorgeous post-black metal from Down Under.
Release Date: 
3 Sep 2014 (All day)

The first impression that comes to mind when hearing Autumn’s Dawn debut album, Gone, for the first time, is how beautiful it is.

Austere - Withering Illusions and Desolation (Eisenwald)

DSBM at its finest.
Release Date: 
29 Oct 2013 (All day)

Don't judge a book by its cover. And I really mean that when I say it.

Agalloch: New Box Set Details Revealed.

The Demonstration Archive 1996-1998 Vinyl Box Set Available Now Through Eisenwald!

Eisenwald is honoured to present a very special, limited release from Agalloch in the form of The Demonstration Archive 1996-1998 vinyl box set.

Formloff: Album Info And New Track Listing Unveiled

Avant garde, yet wallowing in the everyday - sounds interesting...

Avant-garde black metal duo Formloff are set to unearth their latest work of audio grimness.

Nazxul - Iconoclast (Eisenwald)

After a long sabbatical, Australian black metal legends Nazxul return with Iconoclast - a dark and evil musical journey that will leave their peers stunned and laid to waste.

When the term black metal is mentioned to most, a few things may come to mind: corpse paint, church burnings, dark and evil characters posing in forests, and terms such as grim, frostb