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Take 4 of 4: Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (EMI)

Overall this is a disappointing album. It's definitely intricate and mature in its execution, and kudos to Maiden for making the album they wanted to make with no concession to what the fans may want or expect. But it also leaves you sometimes wondering exactly who Iron Maiden are these days.


Take 3 of 4: Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (EMI)

Crushtor's take on the newest Iron Maiden record - it's inimitably Maiden and it has its moments, but there's much to be desired.

Eddie’s had his turn as a huge monster terrorizing commoners, he’s been back through time, forward through time and “somewhere” in time, he’s been lob

Take 2 of 4: Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (EMI)

Since their dawn in the early of 1980s Iron Maiden have been detached from their countrymen of NWOBHM by doing an epic, complex metal music. Their new album is a proof of this victorious legacy for the history of Heavy Metal.

Finally, the long awaited The Final Frontier is out.

Take 1 of 4: Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier (EMI)

Given that this is has been such a highly anticipated release, we decided to run multiple reviews, to give you multiple perspectives. And they don't all agree. In this first one, Scott asks: Do Bruce and co. boldly go where no man has gone before? Do they even boldly go where no Iron Maiden album has gone before? Of course not. But this ain't half bad, much to your reviewer's surprise...