Scheepers - Scheepers (Frontiers/Riot)

One of metal's best voices returns with a massively impressive solo outing.
Release Date: 
17 Feb 2011 (All day)

Despite being rightfully known as one of the most powerful voices in modern metal, Germany&rs

Allen-Lande - The Showdown (Frontiers/Riot)

Three years since their last collaboration, Jorn and Russell are back in the saddle with a marvelous new effort.
Release Date: 
5 Nov 2010 - 11:30pm

“Showdown!” Barks throatmeister supreme Jorn Lande at the start of this, the third collaboration between two of modern metal’s finest vocalists.

Frontiers to issue digital-only release from Michael Kiske and Amanda Somerville

Frontiers Records is pleased to announce the digital only release of the single track 'Silence' from the much anticipated album featuring the collaboration between singers Amanda Somerville and Michael Kiske on August 20th 2010.

Silence was written by the Primal Fear team, featuring bassist/producer Mat Sinner and guitarist Magnus Karlsson.

Terry Brock – Diamond Blue (Frontiers/Riot)

Not so much stadium rock as studio rock this is a pretty damn decent slab of good old 80s AOR. If that’s your thing, read on! If not, you may as well stop now.

Terry Brock’s a busy boy – he’s lead singer for Giant, he’s getting back with his 80s band mates Strangeways

Jorn - Dio (Frontiers/Riot)

Heartfelt tribute or sickening cash-in? You decide...

As the man who runs the trains will tell you, timing is everything.

Primal Fear - Live In The USA (Frontiers/Riot)

Primal Fear unleash a live barrage of 14 songs, new and old, to North American crowds.

When a band releases a live album, it can normally be one of two things - a raw, in-your-face & accurate representation of their live shows or it can be an uber-polished, over-dub-laden effort.

Frontiers Records to release 'Dio', Jorn’s offer to the musical legacy of the great singer

Jorn Lande offers his talents to honour the musical legacy of Ronnie James Dio with his new album aptly entitled “Dio”, to be released on Frontiers Records on July 2nd in Europe and July 27th in the US.

The Norse God of Metal. The leader of the renaissance of classic Hard Rock on its highest level.

Frontiers Records announces the release of Terra Nova new studio album

Dutch Melodic Rockers Terra Nova will release their highly anticipated new album Come Alive on July 2nd in Europe and July 27th in the US. Come Alive is the band’s 5th original studio album and their first full length release over the last five years.


Extreme - Take Us Alive: Boston 2009 [CD] (Frontiers/Riot)

Recorded in front of a rowdy home-town crowd, Extreme come to get the funk out of a live set mixed of some classics and newer material in Take Us Alive.

If you were listening to metal and/or hard rock in the late 80s and early 90s, chances are you have heard the band Extreme.

Bruce Kulick - BK3 (Frontiers/Riot)

Legendary guitarist Bruce Kulick dishes up his most ambitious and solid solo effort to date, with a little help from his friends in BK3.

Many former members of Kiss have been known to either fade away into obscurity clutching at the threads of Kiss, or go off and do their own thing.