Grindhead Records

Grindhead Records - East West Death Grind Fest 4

In The Words of JDK; Move Aside Its Time To Grind...

For a genre that had emerged in the late eighties, grindcore has slowly been oxidizing the ears of metal enthusiasts the world over, who were keen for the more brusque

Tortured - A Lesson in Holocaust (Grindhead Records)

Something vicious is lurking in Canberra...

Canberra’s Tortured are, for want of four better words, very fucking heavy indeed.

Mother Eel Added to Bill of East West Deathgrind Fest 3

A feast of brutality awaits on November 26th at the Sando!

Mother Eel, Sydney's most free-thinking band, who have been placed in league with Australia's other grinding metal masters Fuck...

Mother Eel Announces 7" Release Date

Artwork Revealed Too!

Mother Eel is grimly pleased to announce the long awaited news that the much talked about 7" The Idiocy/Generosity Cycle will now be available from the 30th of July 2

Slaughterfest IV Lineup Announced

An epic day and night in prospect at The Sando...

Slaughterfest IV  will be held this year at The Sandringham Hotel, Newtown, Sydney on Saturday the 30th of July.