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Rob Halford on Winter Songs

The Metal God talks to Metal as Fuck about Winter Songs: what it means to him, why he did it, and which tracks he personally likes best...

When I talked to Rob Halford about his latest release, the Halford Christmas album Winter Songs, one of the first things he said to me was that it must be weird to be talk

Halford- Winter Songs (Metal God/Stomp)

God rest ye merry hessians, let nothing you dismay, For good Rob Halford is singing songs about Christmas, yay! To save us all from shitty bands and make us all feel gay (happy), With tidings of leather and whips, leather and whips, Wiiiith tiiiidinnnngs of Leaaaather and whiiiiiips.

Christmas is the greatest time of year. It’s the one time when you can get away with being utterly retarded.