Music For Nations


New to the Kings of Metal? Wanting to know more? Metal as Fuck editor Scott Adams selects his five fave Manowar albums by way of initiation into the rituals of steel that await you…


Retro Review: Anthrax - Spreading the Disease (Megaforce/Music for Nations)

Before the shorts, before the rapping and tracksuits... there was METAL!

I know, I know. Thrash classics? Anthrax? And it’s not Among the Living?

Fan evaluation: Exodus - Fabulous Disaster (Combat/Music for Nations)


The prison system, inherently unjust and inhumane

Is the ultimate expression of injustice

And inhumanity in the society at large.

Those of us on the outside do not like

Why I Love: Kill 'Em All

Mick Strong celebrates an iconic album's 30th birthday...

Thirty years? Is it really thirty years since Jaymz first intoned the immortal ‘No life til Leather’ line at the start of Hit the Lights and changed the world?