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The Waiting, like Tom Petty said, is the hardest part - the final emergence of Hell, as told by Andy Sneap

With a gestation period that would have had an Elephant screaming for the induction stirrups, Hell's new record carries a lot of expectation on it's Satanic shoulders. Andy Sneap thinks it'll be worth the wait though...

Fate. Kismet. Some things work out in time, and there’s no telling how or why they happen – they just do. God moves in mysterious ways. 

Sonic Syndicate Revolution, Baby clip online

Check out Swedish modern rock/metal superstars Sonic Syndicate's video clip for their brand new single Revolution, Baby which will come off the bands highly anticipated forthcoming album We Rule The Night.

Sonic Syndicate's new single Revolution, Baby is directed by legendary producer/director Patric Ullaeus.