Nuclear Blast/Riot

Epica - The Classical Conspiracy (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Capturing a mix of Epica metal infused with an orchestra, The Classical Conspiracy is a musical performance that has to be heard.

Never being one to confine to a single genre, Holland's Epica have always infused different elements within their music such as gothic metal, death metal and symphony. The

Alarming Sounds: Threat Signal on lighting the flame of Vigilance

Threat Signal - Canadian, heavy and proud of it. What's not to like? Hellishly loud thrashy melodic death from the great white north might cause avalanches, though...

You know your band’s on a winning streak when you’re able to land yourself on a bill with melodic death metal mainstays such as Arch Enemy and Soilwork

Eluveitie - Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

There's no metal to be had here, but there's plenty of heavy. Swiss folk metal band Eluveitie know how to get heads banging even without our genre's precious electrics.
Release Date: 
18 May 2009 - 11:30pm

Although many will recoil in horror as they read the following line - that there aren't any electric guitars to be heard on this album,

Admiral Nobeard and Swashbuckle Tell Tales of Terror on the High Seas!

Nuclear Blast's Pirate Metal Thrashers, Swashbuckle, spin salty sea stories about their new album "Back to the Noose", appearing at Wacken 2009, their Splash-N-Thrash roots, the fine art of music video, the never ending quest for booty, and more while being mercilessly keelhauled by Wolven Joker Lokison... YARGH!!

Yar, ye scurvy land lubbers!!

Death Angel - Sonic German Beatdown - Live in Germany DVD (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

This is the first live recording in Death Angel's history. It's very well representative of these guys on stage, and is not the sort of DVD you want to miss out on. Thrash fans, and Death Angel fans in particular, need to get their hands on it. Now.

This live DVD features seminal Bay Area thrashers Death Angel at the Rockhard Festival in Germany in 2007.

Beg For It! Hardcore Superstar's drummer Magnus Andreasson talks music, football and drinking from nut sacks!

Metal As Fuck throws a few questions at Hardcore Superstar’s drummer Magnus “Adde” Andreasson about their new album Beg For It, their new guitarist and their drinking games (champagne glass shaped ball sacks?!) and he throws some answers back.

Swedish rockers Hardcore Superstar have been around since the late 90s but it was the release of their self-titled 2005 album that saw them getting close to the street sle

Edguy - Fucking With Fire DVD

Edguy was founded in 1992 by 14-year-old students and they're still doing it under the same name all these years later. That alone garners a certain amount of respect. They're a power metal band that has put in the hard yards. I was hoping that a DVD release from them, with a live performance and a documentary, would reveal some pretty interesting stories. Sadly that's not the case.

This DVD contains the band live at Sao Paolo in 2006, the Fucking With Fire, documentary and a bonus feature which is just four music videos.

Blackguard - Profugus Mortis (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

These Canadians put out the image of a high school drama Swashbuckle, but sound like a young Turiasis having taken a genre slip and hocked their feeling for technical prowess... digitally.


Therion - The Miskolc Experience (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

If there's one band that can inspire lion-maned headbanging metalheads to attend an opera festival, it's Therion. In the Miskolc Experience, black ties and black tour T-Shirts collide.
Release Date: 
4 Jun 2009 - 11:30pm

Shying away from seemingly humble death metal beginnings, Therion gradually morphed into an orchestral metal titan, gradually adding violins and choirs until the entire Pra

Korpiklaani - Karkelo (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Korpiklaani always promise us a good time. This release is no different - but stylistically there are some key differences from Korven Kuningas and Voice of the Wilderness. Be prepared for a very different Korpiklaani journey.
Release Date: 
26 Jun 2009 (All day)