Nuclear Blast/Riot

Immolation announce exclusive Euro shows

New York based death metal icons IMMOLATION just announced a bunch of exclusive European shows in support of their long awaited new album "Majesty And Decay" due out on 5 March, 2010.




Eluveitie release parties & Paganfest tour dates Feb-Mar 2010

Swiss folk metal superstars Eluveitie have a bunch of release parties for the upcoming album Everything Remains (As It Never Was) have been scheduled. Be there, check out the album and win some rare Eluveitie stuff! Also check out their PAGANFEST tour dates!!
Tour Dates: 
26/02/2010 - 14/03/2010




World Under Blood signs with Nuclear Blast

World Under Blood, the melodic death metal side project featuring CKY guitarist/vocalist Deron Miller alongside Tim Yeung (Divine Heresy, ex-Hate Eternal) on drums, Risha Eryavec (ex-Decrepit Birth) on bass, and Luke Jaeger (ex-Sleep Terror) on guitar, have officially signed to Nuclear Blast Records.




Kreator join the Nuclear Blast family

Nuclear Blast is proud to announce the signing of a real metal legend - mighty German thrash metal titans KREATOR!


Commented guitarist/vocalist Mille Petrozza

Behemoth's Nergal takes time out of conquering the world to speak to MAF

It would be hard to find another band that keeps up a touring schedule like Behemoth. We talk to Nergal on one of his rare days off about touring and being the clergy's Enemy Number One.

The phone crackles into life, and despite the band's on stage presence, the fires of hell are not unleashed; instead Adam Darski a.k.a Nergal answers quietly

Meshuggah - Alive (DVD) - Nuclear Blast/Riot

Chances if you are a fan of the legendary Swedish metal quintet Meshuggah, you have been waiting anxiously for a DVD release for some time. Well, your patience has finally been rewarded in the latest release Alive.

In today's music scene, many bands are putting out live DVD releases and can be some what of a highly financial and time consuming project for a band to undertake.

Arsis - Starve for the Devil (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

Arsis is back and they’re here to rock your bones and melt your face off! No further explanation required – this record ROCKS!

I remember when I first got into Arsis; I put on their (then) latest record, We Are The Nightmare and recall my jaw almost hitting the floor.

New Avantasia song titles revealed

On 3 April, a new chapter in Avantasia's history will be written. And what a chapter: Tobias won't just release another chapter in the history of Avantasia, but he will release two new chapters of Avantasia at the same time.



Tarot unveil cover artwork

Finnish metallers Tarot have unveiled the new artwork of their forthcoming CD, Gravity Of Light.




Overkill - Ironbound (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

One of metal’s most prolific bands returns to spank our bottoms with a relentless thrash metal album. It’s certainly a lesson in (musical) violence that we should all heed.
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

Lest they’re left behind by a thrash scene still enjoying its resurgence, Overkill crank open a fresh can of aural whoopass to teach the kids that no one does it better than