Nuclear Blast/Riot

Chimaira @ Billboard the Venue (Melbourne) 16 Jan 2010

Fans revelled in Chimaira's blend of hardcore and thrashy American metal, but left much to be desired.

Due to some scheduling conflicts (I was interviewing Baroness - stay tuned for a forthcoming article on the same metal site, same metal channel) I missed the first opener but

Nile, Abigail Williams, Hate Eternal - Australia/NZ Tour May 2010

Nile, Abigail Williams, and Hate Eternal are set to shred the fuck out of Australians this coming May.
Tour Dates: 
21/05/2010 - 29/05/2010



Chimaira @ The Metro Theatre (Sydney), 18 Jan 2010

Chimaira infect a rabid Sydney crowd with an unrelentless onslaught of pure hatred, while leaving nothing behind.

The first few months of the year are quite busy for the Sydney music-goer, whose options and choices range from the many festivals and their sideshows to the individual artists who are hitting our

Chimaira's Rob Arnold talks touring, record labels and his top albums of the decade

For the lead guitarist in such an intense band, Rob Arnold is sure one calm, together dude...

It’s only 6 am in Perth, but quite a bit later in St Petersburg, Florida, where Rob Arnold is sitting on the tour bus that has been his home during Chimaira&

Meshuggah - Alive (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

It's a DVD, but forces conspired to send me the audio part of the package only. Oh well. I could listen to this and watch one of the films I got for christmas instead. Death Race or Home Alone 2?
Release Date: 
8 Feb 2010 (All day)

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Chimaira @ The Amplifier Bar (Perth), 14 Jan 2010

A small group of Perth punters woke up on Thursday morning suffering from severe bangovers, and this is why…

Starting a review of a Perth gig by complaining about the size of the crowd is becoming a cliché – but yet again, a show was moved from Club Capitol to the smaller (bu

Gallery: Chimaira @ Billboard (Melbourne), 16 Jan 2010

With Chimaira in absolutely scintillating form, they were greeted by a maniacal, rabid, Melbourne Metal crowd (who were more like a pack of starving sharks circling a kill) ready to tear Billboard down! A classic gig!

Epica, Threat Signal, Blackguard: Live stream of concert this February

The 5 February concert at The Rave in Milwaukee, Wisconsin featuring Epica, Threat Signal and Blackguard will be streamed live!




Eluveitie - Artwork contest has ended: winner announced... and needs to be contacted

Swiss folk metal superstars Eluveitie recently set up a cover artwork contest for the upcoming radio / club single 'Thousandfold'. They had hundreds of artworks submitted. They have a winner too - but they can't reach him!




Mnemic album streaming online now!

Danish modern metal powerhouse Mnemic just uploaded their entire new album Sons Of The System to the band's official MySpace profile.