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Kataklysm reveal album title

Northern Hyperblasters Kataklysm - who are currently touring Europe together with Belphegor and Suicidal Angels - have just revealed the title of their upcoming studio album.



Sonata Arctica and Ensiferum with Vanishing Point @ Billboard (Melbourne), 5 Jan 2010

Ripping down the trendy techno club from the walls, the all Finnish (well, almost) power metal extravaganza kicked its way around Melbourne, leaving Aussie metal punters craving more.

On the weekends, Billboard the Venue turns into Billboard the horrible dance party.

Edguy, Cynic, Black Majesty @ Fowler's Live (Adelaide), 5 Jan 2010

Cynic were peaceful; Edguy was enormous amounts of fun. It was a weird-as-hell lineup, but a great show nonetheless, and a fucking brilliant start to the metal year.


Chimaira Australian Tour, Jan 2010

The US sextet is set to return to Australia in January, 2010 to once again destroy venue stages and drive audiences into a frenzy with their patented brand of ferocious precision. Get your tickets here!!
Tour Dates: 
13/01/2010 - 20/01/2010


Gallery: Dark Funeral & Rotting Christ @ Billboard (Melbourne), 4 Jan 2010

It was as if the Dark Lord himself had ascended from the depths of Hell, as two of Lucifer's proud servants - Dark Funeral & Rotting Christ - permeated the Billboard Stage. All Hail Satan!

Mnemic - Sons Of The System (Nuclear Blast/riot)

Danish industrial metallers Mnemic's latest musical venture is a mixture of their trademark heavy sound, blended with some newly introduced elements.

Since its inception in the early 1990s, the industrial metal genre has given way to many bands - ranging from some quite horrible to some notable standouts.

Rage - Strings To A Web (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

German metallers Rage string up their latest effort within a musical web comprised of classic Rage material alongside some different and experimental elements.

Sometimes it can be hard to place a band like Germany's Rage under a certain genre, as they combine elements of power, speed, traditional and thrash metal, infused with melodic ele

Sonata Arctica, Ensiferum and Vanishing Point @ The HiFi (Brisbane), 3 Jan 2010

Waiting outside The Hi-Fi at West End to get into the show, I can hear snatches of conversation from the punters lined up along with me. There's a lot of anticipation about this show, and with good reason - Sonata Arctica's first Australian show ever, supported by fellow sons of Suomi Ensiferum and Melbourne's own Vanishing Point...

I negotiate the door, enter the main room and head for the bar.

Annotations Of An Autopsy - II: The Reign Of Darkness (Nuclear Blast/Riot)

They're back. And they're still fucking angry.
Release Date: 
8 Jan 2010 - 10:30am

As with virtually all metal bands of recent years, Annotations Of An Autopsy (AOAA) have struggled against the pervasive need for categorisation that all music fan