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Spiralling Through The Void - Scar Symmetry on Machines, Moons and Metal

Science, technology and heavy metal are welded together for Scar Symmetry, exploring the universe with their guitars in their new album, Dark Matter Dimensions. Talking to drummer and lyricist Henrik Ohlsson, we get a glimpse into the vast inner workings of this cosmic progressive death metal outfit.

Calling Sweden from Australia feels a bit weird when your subject is dressed to the nines in blankets and jumpers and you’re sweating from places on your body you never thought existed.

Scar Symmetry release new video clip

The new video clip for the song Ascension Chamber by swedish progressive melodic death metallers Scar Symmetry is now available. Watch it here!




Kataklysm.... album news

Kataklysm is in full writting mode at the moment for the follow up to their album Prevail. The band has also confirmed the mixing duties for the next offering.




Mnemic release lyrics for 'Diesel Uterus'

Danish modern metal heroes Mnemic just released the lyrics for the first single, Diesel Uterus, off their upcoming album Sons Of The System due on 15 January, 2010.



Exodus DVD trailer available here!

Exodus are set to release their first ever DVD - which you don't wanna miss! Watch the trailer for it here.




Keep of Kalessin Euro Tour, April 2010

Extreme metal kings Keep of Kalessin just announced their participation on the upcoming tour of fellow Norwegian black metallers Gorgoroth in April 2010.
Tour Dates: 
09/04/2010 - 17/04/2010



Psycroptic - return from Indonesia, sweep first Australian Metal Awards!

Touring in support of their fourth studio album and their Nuclear Blast debut, Ob(Servant), Tasmania's technical death metallers Psycroptic recently played 5 shows throughout the islands of Java and Bali to literally thousands of crazed metal fans each night, breaking new ground and playing in places that no international metal band has ever played.

States Psycroptic drummer Dave Haley:

Eluveitie + Finntroll: Paganfest Euro Tour 2010

Swiss pagan horde Eluveitie will be part of next year`s European edition of the renowned Paganfest! The tour kicks off on 19 February, 2010 in Pratteln, Switzerland. Eluveitie will be co-headlining together with Finntroll.
Tour Dates: 
19/02/2010 - 14/03/2010