Relapse Records

Pig Destoyer – Book Burner (Relapse Records)

Hellishly good grindcore
Release Date: 
21 Oct 2012 - 11:30pm

Arriving late to the party can often be embarrassing.

Weapon – Embers and Revelation (Relapse Records)

Not so simple, not so fancy.

The Canadians are back in the black death metal game again, and this time to score.

Serpentine Path - Serpentine Path (Relapse/Riot)

Dare to tread the serpents path...
Release Date: 
10 Sep 2012 - 11:30pm

What do you get when you put together cult doom mastermind, Tim Bagshaw (Ramesses, ex-Electric Wizard), and the members of Unearthly Trance?

Baroness - Yellow and Green (Relapse Records)

You can't compare apples with oranges (or Reds or Blues)...
Release Date: 
16 Jul 2012 - 11:30pm

The word that flashes in my mind like neon dogs balls is 'harmony' - not that the Red Album (2007) or the Blue Record (2009) lacked harmony; it's just that Yellow and Green

John Baizley: Fuck You, Indifference!

Green and Yellow? Love it or loathe it but please, nothing in between...

I was told that John Baizley and the Baroness fellows would be taking calls from the back of a tour van somewhere between Denmark and Sweden so it was a pleasant s

Relapse Records: Entire Back Catalogue on Band Camp!

The extreme metal event of the month!

Esteemed underground metal label Relapse Records have unleashed their prestigious 20+ year catalog on the leading independent digital music site Bandcamp at this location.  Th