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Lord: New Lyric Video Uploaded

New Album release imminent!

Australian melodic metallers Lord have uploaded an official lyric video for the title track from their upcoming album Digital Lies, which is due to be released February 22

Hellyeah: The New Beast

"We love Australians; you love to drink, you love to barbeque and you love your heavy music."

'Seeing Never Dead Being Released was exciting' - Chris Rand of Segression takes us through his 2011

Segression crashed back onto the Aussie scene in 2011. Chris Rand has a yarn about his annus mirabilis...

Chris, you yourself brought out a splendid album this year. Of the other stuff that came out , what was the best album you bought?

Melody Black - Love Your Demons (Riot! Entertainment)

It's not metal, but its bloody brilliant. Buy or die!
Release Date: 
4 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

The moment the chorus of Over Me Over You erupts gloriously into your consciousness is the moment you become aware that Melody Black’s explosive debut, Love Your

Demon Lovers - Metal as Fuck talks to Melody Black's Leeno Dee

Welcome to a land where old glam rock meets new punk dynamism - the land of Melody Black...

Every now and then, one of the functions of running a popular heavy metal-based website is opening jiffy bags bulging with free stuff.

"We're going back to our roots" - Mortal Sin's Andy Eftichiou in conversation

On the verge of a new era for his band, the affable bassist talks to Scott Adams about all things sin.

After a little bit of phone pong, Metal as Fuck finally catches up with longtime Mortal Sin bassist Andy Eftichiou ahead of the bands upcoming sho

Black Label Society - The Song Remains Not the Same (Riot Entertainment)

Zakk's back, in mellow mood...
Release Date: 
15 May 2011 - 11:30pm

In  which Zakk Wylde, latterly the new metal hero of American Idol alongside Judas Priest, reappears with a few off cuts and ‘alternate