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Redemption: fund to aid guitarist Bernie Versailles created

Dig deep and help out a metal brother by donating to help the Versailles family with Bernie's rehabilitation

On the morning of October 5th, 2014, guitarist Bernie Versailles of Redemption, Agent Steel, Engine, Masters Of Metal

Orphaned Land, Voyager & Orsome Welles - The Rev, Brisbane - 23/03/2014

Cold venue. Hot bands...

My heart is gladdened. Catching three solid bands, especially on a balmy Sunday evening, is always a joy and tonight was no exception.

Prospekt: Full Length Release Imminent

'Passionate high-range vocals, frenetic guitar work, haunting orchestration and solid grooves', anyone?

Oxford, England-based quartet Prospekt has signed with progressive metal linchpin Sensory Records for the pending release of the band’s massive debut full-length.<

Voyager Headline Steel Assasins

You Can’t Smile While Playing Metal... that’s bullshit!

Headlining Metal Evilution

Delain: Third Album to Get North American Release

June 4th is the date you need for your diaries...

Dutch symphonic metal troupe Delain have announced the details of their upcoming third full-length studio effort, We Are The Others, now confirmed for North American relea

Diablo Swing Orchestra: New Stateside Album Release Confirmed

Band from Sweden offers an 'eclectic smorgasbord'? Of course they do!

Sweden's eclectic metal troupe Diablo Swing Orchestra will peak the curiosity of North American masses through the release of their third full-length, Pandora's Piñata, May 22nd via

'Don't buy useless crap for people this Christmas. Buy wine for yourself!' - My 2011, with Voyager's Danny Estrin

The progtastic Keytar man looks back at his year just passed...

Voyager released a spectacular album this year, but what was the best album you bought in 2011?
Scar Symmetry
The Unseen Empire

Voyager - The Meaning of I (Sensory Records)

The West Australian progsters take one step closer to World domination...
Release Date: 
10 Oct 2011 - 11:30pm

Voyager is a strange beast.

Voyager Launches 'The Meaning Of I' On October 15!

Perth's Amplifier Bar is the venue...

After having just returned from their hugely successful performance at Prog Power Fest USA and fresh from their signing with the New Jersey Prog Metal Pros at Sensory Records,