Siege of Amida

Against The Flood - Home Truths (Siege of Amida)

Is this yet another example of style over substance?
Release Date: 
13 Nov 2011 - 11:30pm

As a new band on this particular scribe, I wasn't sure what to expect from UK outfit Against the Flood so duly did my Googlising.

Ancient Ascendant - The Grim Awakening (Siege of Amida)

A truly corking debut from the wilds of the M4 Corridor.
Release Date: 
14 Aug 2011 - 11:30pm

Young English death troupe Ancient Ascendant has quite a lot going for it; for a start the band ain’t some bunch of fly-by-night scenesters bent on milking a few quid from th

Metal As Fuck Interviews Ancient Ascendant's Alex Butler

Ancient Ascendant guitarist and lead growler Alex Butler cornered Metal As Fuck to tell us about his band’s killer debut album, The Grim Awakening, which they plan to get “in everyone’s face”.


Annotations of an Autopsy - Dark Days (Siege of Amida)

Following on from 2010's superb II: The Reign of Darkness, the East Anglian sludge merchants return. The question is, what were they thinking?

2007's Welcome to Sludge City EP saw Annotations of an Autopsy explode onto the metal world, only to be promptly pigeon-holed into the convenient, blooming deathcore