Anstalt Records opens its gates

Nuclear Blast has founded a sublabel - and it looks like what they're offering is going to blow us away.



The world's biggest independent heavy metal label, Nuclear Blast Records, is proud to announce the foundation of the sublabel Anstalt Records, which will open its gates to show the world how depraved it really is.


The motto: maximum measuring!
The concept: no concept!


At the moment the administration and the nursing staff are taking care of three highly mazed patients that must not be integrated into society at this point. These three patients can only be controlled with highly measured medicine:


Diagnosis: Filth Metal
Date of dischargement: November 13, 2009

Originally founded in 1992, Bakteria were the first ones to come up with the concept of an all Mexican metal band! If you're into punk, sludge and crust and have an addiction to really filthy shit, Bakteria is the right choice! As filthy as their lyrics and music the band is itself. Singer Umberto Torres reportedly ended a concert in Juarez, Mexico City by killing someone in the audience with a handgun - due to legal issues the band is also not allowed to tour in Germany, Canada and Ecuador. Check 'em out on MySpace 


Diagnosis: Goatgrind
Date of dischargement: November 13, 2009

Hailing from the planet GoatEborg where all creatures happen to have a goatlike behaviour and/or appearance, Milking The Goatmachine were founded in 2008 by Goatfreed and Goatleeb Udder. They came to planet Earth to spread the word of Goatgrind. Together with Anstalt Records the band is pursuing grinding world domination. Their MySpace is here.

Diagnosis: Terrorthrash
Date of dischargement: November 13, 2009

Pitbull Terrorist or PBT is an ensemble of true freedom fighters of the early 21st century. Four activists with various nationalities, backgrounds and histories gathered together and aimed to launch a musical project to be remembered. The true identities behind the activists' masks are untold for a sole purpose to carry on the revolt as long as possible: without the intervention of several authorities somewhat eager to put an end to the ongoing secrecy of the leading quartet of the infamous PBPI (Pitbull Pack International). In their current location in Finland special law enforcements and several TARP-groups are after the first-hand info of their whereabouts. In the process of a proper counter strike the PBT prepared and established the second step of their agenda, the strike two of WOM-plan. For the public the strike is known as C.I.A. or Contraband International Audio." - Check out their MySpace.