Hardcore Superstar to re-release classic albums

Swedish street metal veterans Hardcore Superstar will re-release their two already classic albums, Hardcore Superstar (2005) and Dreamin In A Casket (2007) via Nuclear Blast, as part of the successful Reloaded-Series.


Both re-issues will contain extra bonus footage such as demo tracks and rehearsal takes.


Hardcore Superstar & Dreaming In A Casket will be released on 16 October, 2009.


Tracklisting for Hardcore Superstar

01. Kick On The Upperclass
02. Bag On Your Head
03. Last Forever
04. She's Offbeat
05. We Don't Celebrate Sundays
06. Hateful
07. Wild Boys
08. My Good Reputation
09. Cry Your Eyes Out
10. Simple Man
11. Blood On Me
12. Standin' On the Verge


13. Kick On The Upperclass (rehearsal take)
14. We Don't Celebrate Sundays (rehearsal take)
15. Wild Boys (demo)

Tracklisting for Dreaming In A Casket

01. Need No Company
02. Medicate Me
03. Dreamin' In A Casket
04. Silence For The Peacefully
05. Sophisticated Ladies
06. Wake Up Dead In A Garbagecan
07. Spreadin' The News
08. This Is For The Mentally Damaged
09. Sensitive To The Light
10. Lesson In Violence
11. Sorry For The Shape I'm In
12. No Resistance


13. Dreamin' In A Casket (demo)
14. Sophisticated Ladies (demo)
15. This Is For The Mentally Damaged (demo)