Neurot Recordings joins the Earsplit PR family

Earsplit is extremely pleased to announce their latest ally: Neurot Recordings.






Founded by Neurosis, the label is a family-run business handled by Kristin Von Till , the label is not only the home to the almighty Neurosis, their sister outfit Tribes of Neurot and the solo albums by Scott Kelly and Steve Von Till, but has also been one of the most prolific underground labels of the last decade, with bands such as Amber Asylum, ISIS, Red Sparowes, Zeni Geva, US Christmas, Made Out of Babies, Oxbow and countless other intriguing acts calling Neurot home over the years.


Earsplit will be handling press for North America on a host of current and upcoming Neurot releases, including A Storm of Light, and the long-awaited debut from Shrinebuilder.


The upcoming debut monolith from "doom supergroup" Shrinebuilder is one of the most anticipated heavy releases of 2009, hands-down. A collaborative effort between members of some of the doom, drone and stoner rock scene's most influential alumni, Shrinebuilder consists of Scott Kelly (Neurosis), Al Cisneros (Sleep, Om), Scott "Wino" Weinrich (The Obsessed, Saint Vitus, The Hidden Hand, Wino) and Dale Crover (Melvins). To be released in September the upcoming self-titled Shrinebuilder album shows these top-tier icons coalescing their power into a multi-headed beast that not only surges with each member's personal approach, but also thrives on it's own thunderous vitality. This release will prove to be one of the most monumental heavy releases of the year.


A Storm of Light is one of Neurot's major priorities as of late. Following the band's acclaimed 2008 debut release And We Wept The Black Ocean Within, the Brooklyn-based outfit has toured across several continents, most recently across the Eastern US alongside Wolves In The Throne Room and Krallice, showcasing the band's musical strength and topped with their dramatic visual displays. On their sophomore release Forgive Us Our Trespasses, coming this September (see cover art above), the band layers even more haunting tones into their engulfing post-doom passages. Like the tidal surge of an angry tonal sea, the album broadcasts a dim forecast for humankind, predicting Earth's revenge on man for pushing the planet to the breaking point. Thi! s record will definitely be a high-point in 2009 for fans of Neurosis, Minsk, Ahab and YOB.