Orphaned Land – new website; new album art; and new video clip!

On January 22nd 2010 Israel’s Orphaned Land will release their highly anticipated fourth studio opus The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR.


Mixed by Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Opeth), who is also responsible for several keyboard parts on the new album, it turns out to be a sophisticated concept album taking Orphaned Land’s unique brand of exotic, heavy music to soaring new heights in terms of complexity and catchiness.


Kobi Farhi (vocals) comments the artwork by Zen Two & Native as follows:


“Even in the album’s artwork we combined Hebrew and Arabic, regardless of the fight between Jews and Muslims. I found a Jordanian guy, specialized in calligraphic artwork. He took letters from Hebrew and Arabic and moulded them in his art to create a symbol of peace. The whole artwork is mainly hand made as we are tired and a bit sick of too much photoshop works. I truly believe that the work these guys did for us is something really special and we are very lucky to have it. You will soon see that simply every page of the album’s booklet is a masterpiece!”



Furthermore, a brand-new webisode allowing a look behind the scenes of the photo shooting for the band’s striking new promo pictures has been posted on Orphaned Land’s official YouTube channel.


And here is the new, controversial, promo photo:



Regarding the photo and the resulting reactions Kobi Farhi states:


“It's been two weeks since we launched our very controversial band photo - most reactions were simply great and I've noticed more than a few discussions on it all over the net. However, I also noticed that some people found it offensive or they just didn't like the idea, I must tell you this - this is the best band photo we ever did, finally our concept and music also was reflected visually. We will never offend any culture and our main thing is to unite people who are different, to let them realize that we are all the same, all one. Please think about the place we come from, then look at the photo again - this is Orphaned Land"


The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR is an audible manifest that the time has come for Middle Eastern metal to take over!