Summer Breeze faces big cancellations

In what no doubt came as a shock to Summer Breeze festival-goers, organisers this week announced major cancellations.


Daath were the first to pull out of the festival - along with all of their European shows for August.


Then, the entire Summer Slaughter tour, of which the festival organisers booked the entire billing of Suffocation, Suicide Silence, Necrophagist, and The Faceless has also been cancelled. Organisers are still working on seeing whether they can still host Suicide Silence and The Faceless - and they say that chances aren't bad these guys will appear - but Necrophagist and Suffocation are a lost cause.


Necrophagist stated:


'We regret to inform you that Necrophagist won’t be able to play this year’s Summer Breeze Open Air. The timeframe in which the festival takes place was blocked to finish up the writing process for our new album, the follow up to 2004´s Epitaph. There won’t be any live activities after this year’s "Summer Slaughter" tour, which will see Necrophagist headline across North America, so that we can fully concentrate on writing and recording later in the year.


'After the release in 2010, the European continent will be our main focus and we will be hitting all the cities we neglected in the past couple of years. And if everything works out the way we want it to, we will be seeing all of you at Summer Breeze Open Air next year!'


For more information as it comes to light, keep an eye on the Summer Breeze Open Air official website