Cannabis Corpse to release new documentary footage

With the limited release of documentary footage from their European tour, Cannabis Corpse have announced new US tour dates with Hate Eternal. Watch the first installment here!

Everyone's favorite bong-huffing death metallers, Richmond, VA's Cannabis Corpse, have just released the first installment of a video series documenting their first-ever European tour.

The triumphant trail they blazed across the continent inspired axeslinger Landphil (Municipal Waste) and artist Luna Duran to team up once again to commit the band's weed-induced antics to film for your viewing pleasure.

Cannabis Corpse are currently taking time off from recording their forthcoming LP, which has had the boys hard at work hot boxing the studio for months, and will be taking their ganj-obsessed live show on the road.

This month, the perma-stoned quartet (featuring new guitarist Brent Purgason of Antietem 1862 and US Brass)  will be blazing through a town near you!

Emerging from the bloodsoaked killing field's of August 8th's GWAR-B-QUE massacre and armed with plenty of heady new joints off their latest release, The Weeding EP, Cannabis Corpse will be hauling ass across the US, including four days in support of Hate Eternal and Order of Ennead (August 24th-27th).



August 10 - 3030 Polish Hell, Pittsburgh, PA

August 11 - The 5 O'clock Lounge, Cleveland, OH

August 12 - The Brass Rail, Fort Wayne, IN

August 13 - Exit, Chicago, IL

August 14 - Indianapolis @ The Tibbs House, Indianapolis IN

August 15 - Carabar, Columbus, OH

August 23 - The Soap Box, Wilmington, NC

August 24 - The Masquerade (W/ Hate Eternal), Atlanta, GA

August 25 - Ground Zero W/ Hate Eternal and Order of Ennead), Spartanburg, SC

August 26 - Volume 11 (W/ Hate Eternal), Raleigh, NC

August 27 - Jaxx (W/ Hate Eternal), Springfield, VA