New Accept video now online

Watch Teutonic Terror, the video for a track off the upcoming Accept album Blood Of The Nations, here!

Teutonic Terror, the video for a track off the upcoming Accept album Blood Of The Nations, debuted on May 10th. It was shot by director/producer/editor Dave Blass and executive producer Doug Jeffery for Grid 41.

When asked how he came to be involved in making Accept's most metal video, director/producer/editor and long-time Accept fan Dave Blass said, "I first met [guitarist] Wolf Hoffman and [bassist] Peter Baltes back in ‘89 when they were touring with W.A.S.P. on the ‘Eat the Heat' tour. I was a DJ in Boston doing the Sunday night metal show. I reconnected with Wolf later when we used a song from his classical album for a reality series I produced. After that, we talked on-and-off over the years."

"Working with the band was great. Peter [Baltes] was impressed when I pulled my 1985 Accept shirt out of my bag at the shoot. I couldn't tell who was more excited, the band or the crew. Even those that weren't familiar with their music got caught up in the mosh. I mean, Wolf Hoffmann and his Flying V standing on a giant tank surrounded by smoke and flames doing his guitar solo... how can you not love that? Having spent many a night in high school waiting till midnight to catch Headbangers Ball and wishing they would play Balls to the Wall, it was a very cool to be a part of the Accept legacy. I think the best quote about the video comes from my production assistant Reed Blake who was awestruck after the first take with the huge flames, the crane, the smoke, the drums, and the tanks. He said to me, 'I have never seen anything this metal.'"

Accept's 2010 line-up (which features three on-going members) is: Wolf Hoffmann, guitar; Peter Baltes, bass; Stefan Schwarzmann, drums; Herman Frank, guitar; and Mark Tornillo on vocals.

Blood Of The Nations, Accept's twelfth full-length studio album, is scheduled to be released in Europe in September. Their 13-date European tour begins May 11th in Vilnius, Lithuania and includes opening for AC/DC in Hannover, Germany.

View the Accept video for Teutonic Terror here: