Hot Graves' 'Desecration Time' via Greyhaze Records

Florida's own Hot Graves, via Greyhaze Records, will have a 7", three-song vinyl released to prepare fans for their upcoming full-length

Greyhaze Records is proud to announce the upcoming release of a brand-new 7” from blackened d-beat destroyers Hot Graves. Entitled Desecration Time, the record will be available both on classic black vinyl and on limited edition hot pink. Desecration Time features two original songs and a ripping Anti Cimex cover, and will see an official release on July 19, 2011.

The 7-inch release serves as a warm up to Hot Graves’ upcoming full-length Knights in White Phosphorous, which is due out later this year via Greyhaze Records.

Says guitarist/vocalist Mykel Kolbee, 'It’s the time for onslaught, time to thrash, time to drink blood, time to burn things to the ground, time to beat on the chests ov the lifeless bodies ov enemies with the femurs ov other enemies, until a loud booming battery is heard well above the clouds. Basically, it's Desecration Time.'


The band will host release parties for Desecration Time in various cities throughout Florida. Initial dates are available below:

July 15th @ Fubar in St. Petersberg, FL

July 16th @ Beezlebub's Cave in Miami, FL

July 22nd @ 1982 in Gainesville, FL

All shows are with Shroud Eater

Desecration Time will be available through the label’s official website and on the Hot Graves website