Trivium Announce Release Date for In Waves

Track Listing Also Revealed...

Florida metal titans Trivium will release their new album In Waves on August 5th.  

Trivium exploded onto the global metal scene with their Roadrunner Records debut album Ascendency (2005) which was certified Gold in the UK (2005 Best New International Artist in Kerrang! magazine).  Extremely young at the time and with songwriting and musicianship far beyond their years, the band went out and toured with giants of the metal world, including Iron Maiden, Slipknot, Metallica, Heaven & Hell and many more.  Over the course of those years and albums - 2005's Ascendancy, 2006's The Crusade, and 2008's Shogun – the band honed their skills even further, while sharpening their vision for the band and its music.  In the words of vocalist/guitarist Matt Heafy, this new album is the culmination:  "In Waves to us… is Trivium.  In Waves is the music, the artwork, the videos and the live show; they are all part of an interconnected whole.  There's no question about it, in our eyes, that this is the most complete project we’ve ever done.  We think we’ve finally made the record that we’ve always striven to make."

While the tracks boast the guitar-driven edge that fans have come to love and expect from the band – pushing some of the tracks even further in their heaviness and aggression - the visual and lyrical world that In Waves inhabits is overall a fantastic leap forward for the band.  Inspired as much by contemporary film and visual art as by the band’s love of heavy music, all of the imagery – including album art, videos, stage sets, and web properties - take Trivium into new territory.  The visuals create the special world of In Waves where the entire album package will take the listener on a journey where the destination may not have even been decided yet, much less known.  It's a wide, open road and one littered with darkness and other curiosities.  The visual project was a collaborative effort between the band and a team of select visual artists.  The band and their artists created a new, unique and wholly original set of visuals that are like a graphic novel come to life.
There is a unifying theme to In Waves, but it's not a concept album by any means.  Heafy continued, "The album is not a concept record, but there is a certain theme to all of the visuals and sonically and visually it all ties together.  We are very proud of what we’ve accomplished with In Waves and we are excited to share it with everyone.  "

Track listing for In Waves:

1. Capsizing The Sea
2. In Waves
3. Inception Of The End
4. Watch The World Burn
5. Dusk Dismantled
6. Black
7. Built To Fall
8. Caustic Are The Ties That Bind
9. A Skyline's Severance
10. Forsake Not The Dream
11. Chaos Reigns
12. Of All These Yesterdays
13. Leaving This World Behind

A two-disc special edition will also be available. It features five bonus tracks, plus a DVD with a 40-minute, behind-the-scenes documentary, as well as an exclusive concert filmed in a warehouse located in Orlando, Florida. This concert features the first performances of tracks from the new album, along with Trivium classics.

Special Edition Track Listing:

1. Capsizing The Sea
2. In Waves
3. Inception Of The End
4. Dusk Dismantled
5. Watch The World Burn
6. Black
7. A Skyline's Severance
8. Ensnare The Sun*
9. Built To Fall
10. Caustic Are The Ties That Bind
11. Forsake Not The Dream
12. Drowning In Slow Motion*
13. A Grey So Dark*
14. Chaos Reigns
15. Of All These Yesterdays
16. Leaving This World Behind
17. Shattering The Skies Above*
18. Slave New World*

*Bonus tracks

Bonus DVD includes:

- In Waves (Live)
- In Waves (Documentary)
“In Waves” Music Video