Birth AD: Help Them Finish Their Debut Album!

Pledge now and CAUSE PROBLEMS!

Texas crossover titans Birth A.D. have launched a campaign to assist with the costs involved with finishing their recently recorded full-length debut, I Blame You. The band has nearly reached their goal and is asking fans and supporters of underground metal around the world to help send them over the top. Read the message below from Birth A.D. and visit to donate.  

Birth A.D. is in the final stages of producing their debut full-length, I Blame You, and they need your help! A good independent production isn't cheap, so anything you contribute to assist in the mixing and mastering process of this soon-to-be classic of crossover thrash is appreciated.

Your donation will be commemorated with the inclusion of your name on the album's thanks list, and you will be counted as part of the new Birth A.D. fan club, the Seven Billion Graves Brigade.

The Misfits had the Fiend Club, Voivod has the Iron Gang, and this is your chance to get your name immortalized as a collaborator and conspirator! Years from now when the band is huge, overrated, and not half as cool as when they started off, you can break out the album everyone really liked and say, "There's my name!"

Pledge now, and CAUSE PROBLEMS!

In early 2012, Birth A.D. entered Pyramid Sound with legendary producer Alex Perialas to lay down the tracks for I Blame You. The band is actively seeking label support for the release.  

(Guitarist Brian Morrison with producer Alex Perialas)