Blackburner: New Album Out Now!

Prepare to withstand a Planet Earth Attack...


Multi-talented industrial rock/metal/dubstep crossover masterminds Blackburner released second album Planet Earth Attack on September 25 via Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records.

Featuring guest appearances from legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner and members of the prog rock band Yes, PEA further illustrates the bold creativity Blackburner has become known for. Crossing EDM genres of dupstep, glitch, and house with progressive rock, industrial, and noise, the 17-track collection is a journey from depths to heights and back with beats that physically resonate, highlighted by an electronic dubstep-influenced remix of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb featuring Yes alumni Billy Sherwood and Chris Squire, the industrial-inspired Burn Burn Burn!, and the groundbreaking collaboration in gothstep with Jessica Jean on Apocalypse!

Blackburner is a bold new force in electronic music masterminded by producer/musician Skyla Talon, who first cut his teeth in music with modern metal band Killingbird in 2000, later joining Scum Of The Earth, the side project of Rob Zombie axeman Riggs in 2005.  After touring the US with acts such as Hatebreed and Type O Negative, Talon began experimenting with electronic dance music production, inspired by the revolutionary new sounds in dubstep and glitch music generated by the likes of fellow metal-head-turned-DJ Skrillex. The result was the birth of Blackburner – who released debut album Feel the Burn earlier this year featuring electronic pioneer Edgar Froese of Tangerine Dream as well as John Wesley of Porcupine Tree.

Influenced by the member’s backgrounds as metal guitarists and vocalists, Blackburner combines the heavily twisted and seriously aggressive bass beats of dubstep and glitch with the melodic hooks of rock, industrial and electronica to create a daring yet widely appealing new hybrid sound.

Planet Earth Attack was released on September 25 on Cleopatra/Hypnotic Records.


Listen to Comfortably Numb ft. Billy Sherwood & Chris Squire here:

Listen to Planet Earth Attack ft. William Shatner here: