Corpus Mortale: New Deal Inked, Album Imminent

Deepsend Records Strike Lucky Again!


Danish death metallers Corpus Mortale have signed to Deepsend Records. Deepsend will release the Danes' third album FleshCraft this (Northern) Autumn, with a special web-only Pre-Order which will ship prior to the release date in stores.

FleshCraft is the follow-up to Corpus Mortale's 2007 sophomore album, A New Species of Deviant and first for Deepsend Records.

Corpus Mortale joins Dawn of Demise, Spectral Mortuary, Deus Otiosus, and The Cleansing as Deepsend's dominance with Danish death metal continues!!

FleshCraft will come to be known as a defining statement of Danish death metal. The year's best death metal album is also amongst the best from Denmark ever. With the perfect death metal recording, Martin Rosendahl's trademark bellow (last heard on The Cleansing's Poisoned Legacy) and musicianship that's second to none, your expectations should be high and will be mightily fulfilled. FleshCraft is an excellently composed monster, exemplifying everything that Danish death metal has been known for and finally accomplished by Corpus Mortale.