Double Dragon: This is the End...

DD vocalist Lee Gardner has a message for us all...

"Dear metal heads of the world,
My band, Double Dragon plays it's last show on Saturday.
On behalf of the band, I'd like to say thanks to everyone who has supported us, liked our music, and helped us over the years.
There are literally way too many people to thank, but you guys know who you are.
When I first was asked to have a go at singing for this band, I never expected to be writing this 200+ shows later.
Although there was much for us to achieve as a band, these things dont matter anymore. We took a drunken metal band from Adelaide, and against all odds with the shittest name EVER, shared the stage with nearly all of our musical heroes. That's all we ever wanted to do as a band, and although we missed out with playing with Faith No More by one year.. its been the fucken best. More importantly.. we were good enough to get a Wikipedia page for our friends to vandalize for life!
On behalf of all Double Dragon members, past and present - T H A N K Y O U.
Our latest album is available FREE at our site
I have a new band called Canitra we are working on our first EP right now, for more head to
Some of us are working on a new project called Sons Of Asena. When its ready to start talking about, we will start talking about it, but until then follow me on twitter for the updates.
Thanks to everyone who made our dreams come true.
Lee 'Liggy' Gardiner
Vocals - Double Dragon


Double Dragon play at Fowlers Live in Adelaide as part of The New Dead #2 Metalfest this Saturday, May 26.