Enthroned: New Album Release Date Confirmed.

'Obsidium' will emerge in March!

The brand-new album from Belgium’s Enthroned, Obsidium, is coming out on March 20th in the UK and on April 10th in North America.

Obsidium is an incantation of new wisdom strengthened  by 19 years of controlled fury. In terms of improvement, the band has decided not to manifold their recent effort (Pentagrammaton, out in 2010), but to explore the unique black metal gemstone further down the line, polishing it to its grim, deep. and fierce colours.

Seeking new grounds and holding to their twisted vision, the band have managed to combine an impressive legacy with insane vocals, speed-granted energy, melody and dark yet swift background. Obsidium may turn out to be highly explosive for those blissfully unaware!

The band has confirmed three live appearances so far:

17/05 : UK - Bristol - The Croft
18/05 : UK - Derby - Old Bell
19/05 : UK - London - The Underworld

Obsidium was recorded and mixed in Enthroned’s own studio, Blackout Multimedia. Their ninth full-length to date will be released on a noble digipack CD and 12" heavy black vinyl. There’s also a special coloured vinyl edition limited to 100 copies that will be available via Agonia Records Webshop exclusively.