Eyehategod to Headline Melbourne's CherryFest 2012

Eyehategod, Youhategod, its a win win.

Eyehategod, Omar Rodriguez Lopez Play Inaugural CherryFest Melbourne!

There’s another heavy metal festival in town! CherryFest is being put on by the people who give us Cherry Rock and the Cherry Bar itself, you can be sure it’s got some mighty tasty acts on the bill who’ll be smashing out very fucking loud music, for the most part.

Co-owner and booker of the bar James Young says that holding another event (the bar already hosts the hugely popular Cherry Rock) is a matter of taking advantage of the space while they can. “We’re super keen to hold another event for the first time in the spring sunshine and to take advantage of our current deluxe Yarra views before the 189-apartment 12-storey development is built at the base of AC/DC Lane,” he said in a statement with this afternoon’s announcement.

The festival is happening at Cherry Bar from midday until 9pm on Sunday 25 November.

Here is the first announcement for the bill!


Omar Rodriguez Lopez Band

Dern Rutlidge

Henry Wagons

My Left Boot


EYEHATEGOD: For the very first time these New Orleans masters of sludge metal are coming to Australia and will headline the first installment of CherryFest while they are here. For 25 years this legendary bunch have been playing the finest in dark, heavy, loud and very sludgy metal, and you can hear elements of everyone from Melvins to Discharge to Celtic Frost in the music they make. Eyehategod haven’t put a record out in a very long time, however the band are still in great touch live.

OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ BAND: Whether you love him for his work with At The Drive-In or The Mars Volta, you really need to give the Omar Rodriguez Lopez Band your attention if you haven’t already done so; great music from one of the modern day’s great musical minds.

DERN RUTLIDGE: Some people will say they never thought it would happen, others will say they can’t believe it hasn’t happened sooner; all we can say is that the prospect of seeing Dern Rutlidge – Melbourne’s kings of stoner rock – back together for one special show is very exciting. If you don’t know (or remember) Lines On The Table, hunt that sucker down.

MY LEFT BOOT: Melbourne fuzz rockers My Left Boot seem a perfect addition to this heavy hitting, psyched out bill. They will have a brand new record ready for release in time for CherryFest.

There are nine more bands still to be announced, so don’t completely lose your shit yet as there is plenty more to come.

Tickets are available for $94 + bf from Cherry Bar

Keep your eye on http://themusic.com.au/festivals/vic/cherryfest/ as the festival draws closer and the content from all the bands on the bill will be available.