First Annual Southwest Terrorfest: Details Revealed

Hell comes to Tucson...


Extreme music fans rejoice, for there’s a brutal new festival coming to US soil this (Northern) Autumn. This past week, details on the debut of the Southwest Terror Fest have been disclosed to the public, the first installment of the now annual meeting of intense acts confirmed to invade Tucson, Arizona in October.

Set to occupy The Rock Club on October 19th and 20th, the main/headlining acts for the maiden voyage of Southwest Terror Fest will include -16-, Hull, Sons of Tonatiuh, Diseased Reason, Pigeonwing, North, Ladybird, Godhunter and more. Entrance fee for the event is only $15 per person, for both days, so you can save the rest of your money for merch and booze!

A fully DIY undertaking booked by musicians, for musicians, the STF is a low-priced, two-day event featuring an intense conglomeration of acts; its goal, to draw extreme music fans from all ages from the Southwest US and beyond. The event was conceived and booked by Tucson act Godhunter, with sponsoring the second stage and Earsplit PR sponsoring the main stage. Additional sponsorship support is coming from Zia Records, Sticks n' Strings Music Center, Acid Reflux Records and Axe Of Contrition.

Tickets are available now via Zia Records, Sticks n' Strings Music Center, and The Rock's Ticketleap location.


 Friday, October 19th [doors at 6pm]

Earsplit PR Stage:

7:00 - Thorncaster

8:00 - Enirva

9:00 - Cave Dweller

10:00 - Twingiant

11:00 - TOAD

12:00 - Diseased Reason Stage:

6:30 - Yeti Ender

7:30 - Powered Wig Machine

8:30 - Methra

9:30 - Territory

10:30 - Anakim

11:30 - Hell Follows

Saturday, October 20th [doors at 2pm]

Earsplit PR Stage:

2:30 - Blighter

3:30 - Swampwolf

4:30 - Godawfulnoise

5:30 - Sorrower

6:30 - Seas Will Rise

7:30 - Rise Of The Willing

8:30 - Ladybird

9:30 - Pigeonwing

10:30 - Sons Of Tonatiuh

11:30 - Hull

12:30 - -16- Stage:

3:00 - Why Bother?

4:00 - Blister Unit

5:00 - Bloody Corpse Dismemberment

6:00 - Lago

7:00 - Flying Donkey Punch

8:00 - Our Daily Trespasses

9:00 - Vanish Twin

10:00 - Godhunter

11:00 - North